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An Enjoyable Event For Everyone
A celebration of early American history is brought to life each year in Washington County, Pennsylvania as local residents come together to hear the stories and witness life as it was in the early American frontier in the 1700's. The Whiskey Rebellion was at the epicenter of some important moments in American history during this time. Not only were settlers moving westward, developing new homesteads within Indian controlled territory, but the United States government was also learning how to govern.

Washington Pennsylvania was an important early junction point in this early America push westward in the 1770's. There were many conflicts as settlers struggled to get homes built and families situated, while Washington and Hamilton and their men, tried to enforce very unpopular new tax laws.

This is a story about the 2017 Whiskey Rebellion Festival. There are surprising discoveries everywhere. Click the menu tabs above to experience the festival and 1770's as if you were there.